Here are some things other people say about Jeremy as a speaker:

Jeremy is a faithful member of our church. I have used Jeremy several times at Edgewood.  He is clear and informative. He loves the word, believes it is true, and utilizes the word as the basis for his presentations.   Jeremy will do any church a good job when given the opportunity!
-Nick Sandefur
Church Revitalization Regional Consultant: Kentucky Baptist Convention
(Former Pastor: Edgewood Baptist Church, Hopkinsville KY)

I have known Jeremy for over a decade and in that time he has proven to be a faithful follower of Jesus and a faithful apologist. He has spoken to congregations I have pastored and does an excellent job preparing people to defend their faith in the real world. He is enlightening, humorous, and timely while handling the word of God.
-Carlton Binkley
Senior Pastor: First Baptist Church, Woodlawn, IL

Jeremy is great and you should have him come to your church.
I have had Jeremy out twice.  Both times I was very surprised how something like apologetics can be fun. The first time he came to talk about the Christmas story to my youth group.  It was very informative and applicable to my teenagers.  The second time he spoke to the whole church about why the Bible is trustworthy.  I really hope that you give Jeremy a chance to teach this to your people.  This is information that God's people need in a day and time when the "truth" can be interpreted differently by anyone.

-Jarred Mathis
Minister of Students: Elston Family Church, Lafayette IN
(Jeremy's Brother)