I am Jeremy Mathis, an apologetics speaker. For 14 years I served as a youth minister for churches in Kentucky and North Carolina. Now I am launching a new ministry, one focused on teaching apologetics to churches. I feel that God has given me this ministry at a perfect time; just as our culture moves from post-Christian, to non-Christian. (And increasingly becomes anti-Christian.) For many church members, this shift is overwhelming, and simply watching TV or listening to the radio can erode confidence in the Christian message.
The church needs confidence and I believe that the message of apologetics offers confidence that Christian faith is reasonable. 

I live in Hopkinsville Kentucky with my wife, Julia and our daughter Norah. We are active members of Edgewood Baptist Church. I primarily work for the family business, A BBQ Restaurant called The Wood Shed, and Julia is an elementary teacher at Heritage Christian Academy.

I would love to speak at your church. If you would consider inviting me please call 270-681-0442 or send an email to jeremy[at]jeremymathis.net. 

Here are some things you may want to know about my qualifications and beliefs: