My Most Important Post Ever

A few months ago I commented on a photo on my sister-in-law's facebook page. It was a picture of her [and my brother's] dog, Regan. here is my comment

yall might have the most photogenic dog ever. She is moderately cute and never gives that devil eye effect. But she's too dang big

Thus began a substantial controversy in my family. Jarred asked me, "Why is my dog only moderately cute?" My answer, "Because she is only moderately cute. She is not nearly as cute as my dog, Esau.

I need the help of my readers, both of you, to solve this controversy. Below, you will find a biography and 3 photos of Regan, followed by a biography and 3 photos of Esau. Then there is a poll. So with apologies to Chris Leavins, ( here is the cute-down between Regan & Esau.

We will declare a winner on April 7.

May the cutest dog [named Esau] win

Regan 1

Regan in the pic that sparked the controversy
Birth Date: March 3, 2007 Breed: Saint Bernard Favorite Activities: going for walks and car-rides (she can stick her head out of the moon roof); playing in the snow Most Expensive item she has chewed: Jarred's glasses and 2 remotes for our TV... the list goes on and on and she is still chewing Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Hours sleep per day: 14-16 hrs (she is very lazy) Wt: 150 lbs and growing Quirk: likes to sit on people's feet and lean on them when she is being petted She enjoys laying on the air conditioning vents in the summer and laying in front of the front door in the winter to catch any drafts. Commands: Sit, down, stay, leave it, and we are working bang which is playing dead when we point our finger and say "bang" Favorite Treat for Training: cheetos (she won't eat dog treats/bones... she spits them out)
Regan 2

Regan..."No Photos, Please"
Regan 3

Regan disinterested in the process
Esau 1

This Esau from yesterday. In desperate need of a haricut and a bath
Birth Date: Sometime in 1999 (I got him June 1, 2000) Breed: Your guess is as good as mine Favorite Activities: Sitting in the front window barking at pedestrians; Getting a dog treat out of an old milk jug or water bottle Most Expensive item he has chewed: Once destroyed the entire contents of my pantry, but nothing expensive Favorite Food: pretty much anything Hours sleep per day: 18-20 (it's tough being a dog) Wt: 22 lbs or so Quirk: he enjoys laying against me when I nap, and being left under the covers when I get up Commands: stay (that's pretty much the only one) Favorite Treat for Training: What is training?
Esau 2

Esau guarding a ball. Much better haircut
Esau 3

Esau disinterested in the whole process as well

I couldn't find a good embeddable poll anywhere so you have to click here to vote.

Also..I think you can only vote once, but don't cheat.

And please leave a comment saying who you voted for. ;-)