Be Careful How You Read the News

Today I want to comment on two stories I’ve seen in the last few days.

The first is here. This story is about some rabbit bones recently found in India. Here’s the key quote:

The new bones also show that advanced rabbit-like features evolved earlier than thought

So let’s get this straight. It turns out that the oldest rabbit bones ever found look exactly like…(wait for it)…rabbits. It is fairly routine to see stories like this. Why are they never put up with headlines like, Another Blow to Evolutionary Theory? This story leads me to conclude that rabbits have always been rabbits. (Just like every other major animal kind.) It would be great to have some scientist say, “So you know all those semi-rabbits that we believe existed between other mammals, looks like we were wrong about that.” But that is never the quote. What is the conclusion? They must have just “developed earlier than expected.” Just for the record there aren’t any transitional fossils found. And the ones that are claimed are usually a tooth or a jaw that is used to reconstruct an entire animal

Then there’s this story about the seed bank

It seems that there is a seed bank created in case some horrible catastrophic event. Part of it also is to protect the diversity of plants we have now that is dwindling.

Here’s my nest question. How come no one ever says evolution has stopped? We regularly hear about how fast species are becoming extinct. It seems like since the belief in evolution has caught on so well, everyone should be looking for it. And we should have hundreds of new species popping up from all the animal and plant groups.

However, not only do we have no new species that evolved, (only those that were discovered or bred) but we consistently lose species. If this is the case, why have no evolutionists come out and said, “It appears evolution has come to a close. Life on this planet is much less diverse than it used to be, and we can only conclude that this is the result of the cease of evolution.”

The other coast 03.25.08