A favor for me

I have a vast army of over 5 regular readers on this blog. So I would like to ask you to do some work for me please visit this site that I am building for my aunt & uncle. If you have a moral objection or are offended by the idea of hunting, don't visit.


and look at it closely. Let me know about formatting issues, spelling errors, broken links. I need people to use different browsers, (although I have used the Opera browser, b/c I know no one else uses it) particularly safari for my Mac readers. Also, read it. I need to know if it suffers from doesn't-make-senseness

Here's stuff I already know is messed up

- The logo in the header is just a placeholder. the final (which will be similar) is coming in a few days and will be actually transparent rather than looking like it's showing through static

- The who are we page is incomplete

- I have another question or two to answer on the faq

- No sitemap (it's coming)

I am not a real web designer, I am self taught and don't have anyone else to do the proofreading and testing so I would appreciate your help. I will accept any general criticism, or commentary.

Also I am curious, do y'all think the colors on the site need to match the logo colors exactly, or does it look okay as is? it is a simple fix to make it match. Also, if they should match should I change the logo to match the site or vice versa? (in other words, which green and orange do you like better?)

You can send me an email or just comment here in the comments