A Couple Of Ideas

I have been blogging for 6 weeks now. This is post 27. That, of course, means an average of around 4 posts per week. Originally I said that my goal was to post 3 times per week with something fun on Fridays. But it has been more like 2 posts a week with a couple of something funs. I work from a list of what I am planning to post. This list is made up of topics to write on for days when I have nothing to say otherwise, or stuff that I need to think about and formulate for a few days before it is ready to be posted. One of those is coming on Monday. (I think.) That list is currently about 8 items long and I occasionally expand it.

I'm considering a couple of new features on the blog.

I am considering a regular feature called, Jeremy Answers Your Questions. Two of my earlier posts are in response to a question.  And I have another question to answer in the works.  I am not a genius and don't want to presume that everyone cares what I have to say about everything.  But this is a blog, and if you are reading it hopefully you care a little.

I am also considering a guest blogger feature. I have many very talented, bordering on genius readers, and I may occasionally let them write a post if they so desire. That would prevent the slow down that this blog suffered last week. My brother may want to write about how he loves Jeff Gordon, or Brent may write about why he doesn't actually read this blog even though it is written by his very good friend. Caroline may want to write and point out all the grammatical errors in my previous posts. (it will be long) Roland might want to write about the smack-off.   Ryan might want to write about his love of the Helvetica typeface. Adam might write about why he is writing on somebody else’s blog when he has one of his own. (That would be so meta) I hope that pretty much covers all of my regular readers.

This is where I beg for comments. Tell me what you think of these two ideas. Do you care about my answers to your questions? Would you care about guest bloggers? Would any of you ever write anything?