Want To Help Me Out?

I am but a lowly part-time youth minister, and I make very little money. But I have a dream. I want to become a NAMB Certified Apologetics Instructor.

To do so, I have to complete three requirements.

  1. Complete a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. I have an M.Div. from Southeastern Seminary in Christian Apologetics, so I’m exempt from this requirement. (WooHoo!)
  2. Complete the Dynamic Communicators Workshop presented by Ken Davis.
  3. Practicum – 30 lectures on apologetics
  4. Get at least three character references

I need some financial help to complete item #2. The next time the course is offered is in October and it is rather expensive. The course itself is $800 plus $500 in lodging, and I have to get myself to Colorado Springs. (Today that looks like a $275 ticket.) As you can see, this is quite expensive. I have already asked, I am not allowed to begin the practicum before I complete the workshop. I tried though. I could be getting in some lectures now, but they won’t let me.

Let's be honest. I have a pretty small readership, but I would like to make a buck or two from this blog so that I can live the dream and become a certified apologetics instructor. (This is a wordpress.com blog so I can't put up a store or use google adsense) Here’s where you come in. I’m not asking for donations - though I wouldn’t turn them away - really what I want is when you buy stuff from Amazon.com, anything at all, you can go through this site. Or you can just attach the following piece of text to the end of any product address if you re going to buy something.


If you use this, I’ll get a few cents, and I promise to use it all to complete my part of the CAI program.

Any questions?

Here’s an example

An item at amazon

http://www.amazon.com/a lot of gibberish and numbers and stuff

an item with this code

http://www.amazon.com/a lot of gibberish and numbers and stuff&tag=jersweb-20

See, you just stick it on the end.