The Best Junk I've Seen on the Web This Week

This is going to be my new Friday feature where you probably get a silly video plus links to cool junk I have seen around the web each week. It will be some blog posts and some just interesting NGC Strikes again - A bunch of amazing pictures (via Digg)

Emo Lincoln - plus a bunch of other interesting decorations of currency (via Digg)

Marvel Comics Wiki - I put this here just for Brent. But it looks very good and thorough

My thoughts on Boobies - A post about modesty, and the lack of it that exists in the church.  (That was embarrassing to type)

Ed Stetzer on political action and Christians

I'll end with a very good video.


Just curious, where do you go when you are bored on the web? I usually see what is at the top on Digg. (You can follow me here.) You can also see my diggs on facebook. Also if you to challenge me to a game of Scrabulous I'll probably play. Currently I'm down to one active game. I can't handle more than 4 at once.