Makes Me Proud to be from Fayetteville

I’m just back from the city council meeting (the one from this post) and we won. That is the third time this property has been defeated for rezoning. I don’t know if my letter was any help to our case in the meeting, but thanks for reading it earlier. Also thanks to Caroline for editing the crap out of it.

I have an old post called “Makes Me Proud to be From Kentucky.”   Tonight I learned something interesting at the city council meeting that makes me proud to be from Fayetteville. Apparently, Fayetteville is the third worst city in the US to raise a kid. That’s right…third worst (#255). Take that Beaumont Texas!

As you can imagine, all the local media outlets have picked up on this, and of course, they have man on the street style quotes in the articles. My favorite is in the one from our nearest ABC affiliate,

It's almost not surprising…

That is pride in a city right there.

I know these kinds of things are just done to sell magazines and start arguments, but this is a poor distinction.

Interestingly, the worst city on the list, Clarkesville TN, is a mere half-hour from my hometown. Maybe this magazine has a bias against me. Or maybe they just don’t like military towns.

I’ll end this post with another quote from one of the many articles.

How your children turn out has much less to do with where you raise them than how you raise them. I daresay you could raise a wonderful kid in Clarksville, Tenn., and a rotten one in Honolulu.

Well said!