Southern Baptist Convention day 1

So this was the first day of the actual convention. I got up and was gone from Lafayette by 7:30. A wreck on the interstate and pouring rain here in the Indiana rainforest, and I was in a seat on the convention floor by 9:00. I should describe the layout of the convention here in Indy. It is about 100 rows deep in 6 sections. There are huge projection screens in front of two sections. So it is ridiculously wide and not that deep. There are practically no good seats in the entire hall. But if you park yourself in front of one of the giant screens you have a very good view. The same exact view you would get if you watched it online.

Now...on to the business of the day. The vote for SBC president. You all read my previous posts and had the opportunity to lobby me. After praying, I voted for Frank Cox. We passed the ballots to the right. And there was no question when I passed the ones in my section that Johnny Hunt got the majority of the votes in my section. There were 6 candidates and I figured that there would be a runoff, but I guess I underestimated Johnny’s popularity, . Johnny got 52% of the vote. I admire Johnny and believe he will be a good president. In case anybody is counting I am 0-2 in voting for SBC president.

First VP is Bill Henard from Porter in Lexington KY. I did vote for him. Also I voted for 2nd VP, but I left before they announced the winner. (There will be a runoff between Mulkey and Newland.) I voted for Newland from the Indianapolis church that was sued by the NFL for hosting a Super Bowl party. But Mulkey had one of the greatest nomination speeches I’ve ever heard. It was great.

In other news, I attended the Annie Armstrong banquet because our church was top in giving and per capita giving in our association. It was a very good banquet and the missionary speaker did a wonderful job. But a fire alarm went off before the end, and I was very ready to leave the room. The alarm, strobe, and voice emanating from the speakers was incredibly annoying.

Tomorrow, there will likely be no report. Read Baptist Press.