Do Critics Matter?

I heard this story yesterday.  And it got me to thinking.  Why do I care about game reviews when I don't care at all about movie reviews? I occasionally read movie reviews, but at least as far as critics are concerned, movies that they love, I can almost count on hating.

But video game reviews are different.  I tend to be in agreement with video game reviews very often.  The only exception is that game reviewers usually don't mind vulgarity, and that is enough to keep me from playing a game like GTA, that may be fun, but I can't stand the hyper violence or horrible language of those games.  I also don't like games where you have to kill a lot of people. My theory is that game reviews are very practical, and less about opinion.  Game reviews point out actual flaws in games, like a stupid auto aiming gun, or a camera angle that keeps half the story hidden.

So feel free to chime in.  Does what movie or TV critics have to say matter to you?  Do you also place more faith in game reviews?

Here's a list of game franchises I realy like

Splinter cell - A lot of sneaking, very little killing

Prince of Persia - Cool puzzles and wall running

Madden - I have bought every madden since 92 (that's pretty sad)

Burnout - Crashes is fun