An Interesting List

I have decided to add a monthly feature sharing the odd searches that brought people to my blog.  These are things that I just think are funny or, not really what my site is about.  I am just simply cutting and pasting the items into this list.  And I'm only only sharing the ones I find bizarre or particularly interesting.

Without further ado.  Here is the list for June.

  • Goose hunting
  • peach tree props
  • most hypocritical ever
  • beaver dam kentucky city council
  • beavers mate for life
  • prince of persia film
  • will tree to lean towards light

I need to come up with a clever name for this feature for the future.  You can put your ideas in the comments.  I'm thinking about calling it " What are you people looking for?"  (Sort of inspired by Cute with Chris' "What you Sick People Come Here For.")

BTW:  I can only imagine what this list would look like on webhick's blog, it's so bizzare to begin with.