Suggestion please

I have literally tens of readers, and some of you are a very helpful and literate bunch.  So help me out. I'm taking a trip soon and I'll be in my car for 11 hours or so.  I need some audio books, and I am thinking of joining for a trial.  I'll get one free book, Plus it helps out the TWIT network which I listen to like 3 hours a week and have only ever donated a few dollars.

Here's where you come in.  I only get one free book, so I need a suggestion of what it should be.  I like history, politics, comedy, and sci-fi.

(I know the cumberland county library has audiobooks to download, but never what I want, and I think audible books have a bookmarking feature, which is awesome.  cause it means I can listen to something else if I desire, without resetting a 10 hour book.)

I'm strongly considering The Areas of my Expertise by John Hodgeman

Also, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo just because it seems like one of those books i should have read a very long time ago