What You People Are Looking For (July edition)

This is 4 days early, but the 1st is Friday and I don't want it to conflict with best web junk for the week, so I decided to go ahead & post it. Here are the searches for July.  I now have 81 posts with 255 tags, so this list keeps getting broader.  This is not all of the searches, most are pretty normal and the stuff you would expect.  I do, however, think you will notice a trend in this list.  Remember I don't edit this list at all, I just cut & paste the ones I think are interesting.  The spelling and craziness goes to the searcher.

  • peach tree loaded
  • prop up peach tree branches
  • "peach tree branches props"
  • leaning peach tree
  • protected woodpeckers
  • watch sonic husband and wife commercials
  • did people ever eat mountain lion
  • google earth "coolest thing"
  • john mclamb, language school, costa rica (I really hope they found his blog from mine, they searched twice)
  • jeremy dockery and brother
  • prop up leaning tree
  • we harm trees
  • i dont have a drinking problem i drink,
  • how to get rid of peach tree boars
  • commercial jeremey holiday inn express c
  • how to prop branches on a peach tree
  • geekiest thing ever
  • propping up heavy peachtree
  • what does sbc president do? (I guess one post was about this)
  • best web junk
  • how to prop up a peach tree branch

Later this week a post called Peach Tree Redux to address what clearly is a major problem.