Lately, for like the last month, my stats have gone down.  I have been only getting about 80% of the viewers I used to get.  So imagine my surprise when yesterday was my best day since June.  Well I looked at my searches and could see what was bringing all the people here so I made a post to address it.  it turned out to be my all time best day on this blog statistically speaking, beating my previous high day by 50%.  And it's only 9am EDT (-5 zulu) and already I'm on track to blow yesterday away.  This is 3 times more readers than I get on an average "good" day. I am truly astonished by this phenomenon, look at my stat graph.

My statistical jump

Also, thanks to for hosting me.  I'd be freaking out if I was having to pay for this bandwidth.  Even though it's probably not that much, relatively speaking, I'd be freaking out.