Best Web Junk (September 5)

This looks awesome but it didn't work for me, In fact I don't think it's finished.  I put in names I associate with a place like Wang, Patel, Mohammed, and Gonzalez, but no matter what, the same 10 countries light up.  I may put it in best web junk again in the future as it gets closer to completion.  But for now you can see the US top 5000 names here.  (My name is 585th) A story about dirty words that aren't dirty contains this awesome paragraph:

Rudimentary versions of this software do not just replace obscene words, but also alter longer words which contain banned letter combinations, so "assassination" becomes "buttbuttination", "passenger" becomes "pbuttenger", and "passerby" becomes "pbutterby".

Unknowingly I've been living by this for a long time.  if they would just add Scrabulous to the list

This article is very interesting.  It is interesting that some of these ever caught on, but is is definitely worth your time - via digg

I was planning to post the vid that is the subject of this article this week, but I guess I won't since it's all a lie.

silly vid