An Observation

I have lived in North Carolina for 5.5 years and all along I have heard jar flies.  But whenever I talk about them nobody knows what I am talking about. Shells from jar flies

So today I was mowing the yard and I saw the shell of one on a fencepost.  I decided since I have this blog to just ask my readers. I picked up this whole batch without even looking hard to find it.  There are the shells from dozens of them in my back yard.

Do you have jar flies where you come from?  do you call them something else?  Technically they are called cicadas, but the only ones I ever hear called cicadas are the 13 year variety.  If you had ever seen [or heard] the 13 year variety of cicadas you'd remember it.

By the way, it's really funny to take one (the full grown kind with wings) that fell out of a tree and put it on somebody's back.  When they touch it, it'll make that buzzing sound they make, and the person will make a screaming sound.  Really it's quite hilarious.