Before & After

I hoped that my spike from "What's the baby using?" would translate in to more readers of my blog on a regular basis.  You remember this image from before: Before the spike

What I hoped was that a few people would read more of my blog than just the one post and maybe stick around.  "What's the Baby using?" is by far my most popular post ever, and I really improved my numbers, but it is well & truly over now.  I thought I would share my new stat graph before the spike disappears forever.

After the spike

The trend is not completely over, I still have never had a day when that particular post got 0 hits, even though my blog has fallen to 8th place in a google search for "what's the baby using?"  Tom Merritt mentioned it on Buzz Out Loud about a week ago (and Jason didn't know what he was talking about), and Len, the man who created the meme, himself commented on this post, and put an update on his site.

And there's this

Thanks to all of you who visited.

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