Blogging & My Ego

The question of the day is; What the heck is wrong with me? I have been blogging now for about 8 months, and I pretty much know what my readership is.  I get roughly the same amount of hits every day.  (Except Saturday & Sunday, nobody visits then.  I do good to get 10 hits on those days.)

So here's why I wonder what is wrong with me.  I check my stats like 3 times a day.  Why do I do that?  Am I just the world's biggest narcissist, or is it normal?  I remember when I wrote my first post I quoted Scott Adams and said that starting a blog is tantamount to saying that what the world needs is more of me.  So maybe all bloggers are narcissists.

I definitely don't judge myself by the amount of friends I have on Facebook, (65 btw) or Myspace.  In general I don't care about being popular, but I sure do look at my blog stats.

I have some friends who are bloggers, maybe they can weigh in and tell me if they do the same thing.  In fact, do me a favor and give them some hits today.  Help out their numbers by clicking the links below just in case they are all as concerned about their stats as I am.

  • Adam Reed
  • John McLamb
  • Scott & Briana Underhill
  • Chuck Poe
  • Tim Schindler