Stuff you won't do, just because everyone else does

I rarely write these kinds of posts, where I'm essentially asking for comments, but I'm curious if I'm just odd among the readers of my blog.  Or do lots of people have these sorts of quirks. A couple of weeks ago I saw this post about things that you will never watch despite everyone you know having seen it.  The blogger of the post I linked to said, "I suspect we're all playing this irrational, stubborn game with something." And after some thought, I'm inclined to agree.  I also think we feel some odd sense of pride because of these things.

I began to think about this and realized that there are some things like this in my life.   There's probably something else, but I cant think of any more just now.

  • I never played Legend of Zelda as a kid, despite all my friends telling me that it was the absolute best game ever.  I have since extended this to all Zelda games.  I have never played one second of Link in any game ever.
  • I refuse to ever watch Dancing With the Stars, even if everybody I know over the age of 40 watches it as if it was the greatest thing ever on TV.  (I have to admit seeing clips of it on Sportscenter, since athletes apparently do pretty well.)

The question to you, my readers, is this; is there anything you refuse to watch/play/listen to, & do you feel some strange sense of pride because of it?

My comments have been way down lately, so chime in let you voice be heard on this totally pointless topic.