Stolen post

I stole the content for this post from another blog.  Be warned there is nothing original here.  I was originally going to put this in best web junk, but by then it loses all its timeliness. Yesterday Ze Frank asked for political haikus.  I read them so you don't have to.  Here are my favorites...

In the serious category:

The line is so long But I know that it's worth it I'm calling in sick

I vote my world view I won't vote color or age Don't get distracted

In the humorous category:

What does the loser do with all his balloons? Is there still a party?

In the humorous but also serious category:

it's nearly over thank god the ads will end soon and we can move on

In the poignant political statement category:

When you don't reside in a swing state, it all seems so very distant.

In the completely jaded at such an early age category:

Stop bothering me About this dumb election I am not 18

And my personal favorite:

Local middle school Your gym holds our tomorrow Yet smells like fish Sticks

In the very good but not a haiku category.  (come on it's 5-7-5 people):

There goes another Perfectly good billion Dollars down the drain

Living in a swing state Suddenly my vote matters much more than before!