Kreativ Blogger Award

kreativeblogA little over a week ago, I was hit with this Kreativ Blogger Award from my regular reader Webhick. (The tag came with this particularly entertaining caption; Occasionally, I like to pretend to be normal.  And on those occasions, I read his blog.)  Not really sure why I qualify, but I'll honor the rules and play along. The rules are, name 6 things I like:

  1. Teaching
  2. A solid hookset
  3. Autumn & Spring (the colors and the break from the long Hot/cold)
  4. Shooting stuff
  5. UK basketball
  6. My blog's collaborative story (I do not enjoy the pace at which it is moving, but I'm always surprised at where it seems headed)

Secondly, I'm supposed to tag 6 other people.  I don't know 6 other bloggers to tag  [that would actually participate.]   But I'll tag Adam and Tim

Oh yeah, and just because I thought it would be entertaining, I decided to trace this award back as far as I could.

I was tagged by illuminati gone wild who was tagged by Adventures In Frickintardistan who was tagged by TheDeeZone who was tagged by Antigoni's Diary (From this point on they are at least partially in Greek) who was tagged by Marina's life & family who was tagged by fotoseasons I can't go any farther back than that