Knowing people I don't really know

I read probably 35 blogs regularly.  (Or at least I subscribe to the feeds of probably that many, though I may not actually read them.) Some of them are my friend's blogs.  I read Adam, Tim, John, and Scott & Briana, because they are my friends.  They are friends from college, seminary and various other place.

Many of the blogs I read are because they are educational, or because I like to think and be challenged.

Then there is this entire other category of blog that I read.  It is well known in Southern Baptist circles as the "SBC Blog".  There are varieties of these blogs written for a variety of reasons.  There are some that I generally agree with and others that I believe are written by those just want to keep trouble stirred up.

In this category there is no one who I have ever met in person.  I only know these people from their blogs.  (Except for some of my former professors.)

Now, here is why I really wrote this post

The other day I read as Bart barber posted this link on his blog, and I thought how horrible that must be.  Of course I prayed to the God of all comfort to comfort those involved.  In the Barber family as well as the Scroggs family.

Then Saturday, Bart posted this.  I've never met Bart.  He's commented on this blog 4 or 5 times, I've commented on his a couple.  After reading this, I truly felt like I knew him, and I felt empathy.  I guess I'm writing this post to say you should read it as well.  Maybe just trying to express my sorrow as well.  I'm not really sure why I'm writing this.