What You People Come Here For (February Edition)

[Usually] I like to highlight the most interesting and odd search terms that brought people to my blog in the last month.  There are certain trends that become obvious from these searches.  One is that I am currently a very popular source of Bell's Palsy information.  Also, there is a mixing of things from posts so that they are combined in sometimes very interesting ways. Here are the best ones from February.  They are not edited in any way, simply cut and pasted from my stats page.  Oddly, this month one search was vulgar.  I am disturbed that that search lead someone to my blog

  • christians drinking beer
  • things to do before i die on a budget (that search lets you know the economy is bad)

Bell's Palsy related searches

  • noise in my ear when i close my eye afte
  • bell palsy headache
  • bell end sore to the touch means
  • is sore tongue related to bells palsy?
  • where can i leave a blog about my bells
  • worst cases of bells palsy

Lent related searches

  • southern baptist, lent
  • lent and the baptist church
  • lent & southern baptist
  • fasting lent baptist
  • is lent a southern baptist practice