What you people come here for (March Edition)

This is your monthly list of the interesting the searches that bring people to my blog. As usual I become a temporary go-to source for certain questions.  I am clearly a wealth of information on Bell's palsy.  There are searches every day on that topic.  But this month I also became fluent on Baptists and Lent as well as churches and Twitter.  There were searches daily on those combinations.  Also, as spring arrives I see the leaning peach tree searches returning

Here is a partial list.  As always, just cut and pasted, not edited in any way  The parts in parenthesis are my own notes:

  • why don't baptists observe lent
  • give up facebook +"great lent"
  • bell's palsy + bell's palsy: + bells pal (this one might be a bit of overkill)
  • books by john mclamb (To my knowledge he hasn't written a book, but I'd buy it if he did.  Especially if it contained lots of stories like this one)
  • full paralysis bell's palsy
  • lent and the southern baptist
  • "mid continent university"
  • why are kentucky fans the best (easily my favorite search of the month)
  • worst fear for bell's palsy
  • peach tree leaning