Book Review: Growing an Engaged Church

I recently read Growing an Engaged Church: How to Stop "Doing Church" and Start Being the Church Again by Albert Winseman.  Here is my official review. The best part of this book is the title.  Read Simple Church instead.

Obviously that is a bit harsh and a bit facetious, but I was really disappointed.  There are few good things pointed out in the book, and overall it felt like the theme was that pragmatism is more important than the Spirit's leading.  It seemed to suggest that, churches should operate by survey and giving the people what they want.  The best point made by the book is that churches where expectations are clear are more effective at ministry.  However, Simple Church makes the same point, and does so more clearly and biblically.

To sum it up, I do not believe that this book on how to make a church more effective even contains one quote from Scripture. That is always a bad sign.

This is not exactly a full review, but I really didn't feel that one was warranted.

If Albert Winseman happens upon this review, I invite him to defend the book in the comments.  Explain to my readers how I missed the point of the book.