Today is my 34th birthday.  Birthdays always make me take stock of my life.  Last year I posted a fun list of stuff I had accomplished over the course of my entire life and you may remember my pseudo bucket list.  I thought I would do a hybridized version of those two this year.  I like to do things I've never done before, so here is a list of stuff just from the last year that I have accomplished.

  • Visited the Korean War Memorial (My grandfather is a veteran of that war)
  • Visited the WWII Memorial
  • Saw an MLB game that went into extra innings
  • Fished every open lake on Ft. Bragg
  • Live-Blogged a tropical storm
  • Became an uncle for the 3rd time
  • Went to an ACC football game
  • Spoke at a city council meeting
  • Won my church's Fantasy football league
  • Filled the pulpit on a Sunday Morning
  • Went 40 days with no sugar
  • Went to 2 MLB ballparks for the first time
  • Got in early on an internet meme
  • Drove in New York City
  • Ate a real cheesesteak in South Philly (Geno's)
  • Made a LOLcat
  • Taught a college class
  • Biggest mistake of the year - Got confused and had all my youth show up at an event one week early