Best Web Junk (June 12)

You may have noticed that there were no new posts on this blog this week.  There's no reason for this except that to write a post requires both inclination and inspiration.  and I have been lacking in the former all week.  I actually sat down 3 times and wrote barebones outlines of posts.  I'm sure you'll see them in the future, but I just didn't have the interest in finishing them this week.  I did, however, put together a short list of the best junk I've seen on the web this week.  Enjoy, and I will do my best to get back at it next week. This is the funnest quiz maybe ever on Mental Floss.  It was probably written by someone roughly my age because almost all of them were right in my wheelhouse.  I got a 70%, but the three I missed I had absolutely no clue about.

This story is weird or cool or something.  it is definitely interesting

Today's cake wrecks are pretty great.  Especially the Chewbaca cake

I have always thought the flash mob thingies are entertaining.  This one is more entertaining than most.  (You've probably already seen this video, Adam posted it on his blog earlier this week)