Some Odds and Ends

This post is just a stray thought and a bit of news about what is coming. I'll start here.  Last week in a conversation with my step-mom I made the following comment.  The problem in church is not that we use the word "sanctified" but that we are not sanctified.  I thought it sounded terribly clever and erudite when I said it, so in my arrogance I'm sharing it with you.  Then I read this really great article today which contains the word sanctified.  I thought I'd recommend it to you.  So go read it now.

Next week I will be at youth camp, but there will be a Tuesday post on this blog.  There may also be a Thursday post, but it hasn't been written yet.  There will probably not be a "best web junk" for next week though, since I won't be surfing the web.

There will also be a rare Satruday post here for the 4th of July