How I Spent My Summer Vacation

You may have noticed that I have been blogging less lately.  It's because I've been busy.  Since traditional-calendar students got out of school for the summer, we have been very busy. June 15-19 was Teen College.  Teen College is a week of Bible study and activities that I have been doing since I was a student.  I have continued it ever since I have been in Youth ministry.  This year we had lessons about following God's directions, from salvation and repentance to using the gifts He has blessed us with. Our activities this year were:

  • Lazer Tag
  • Bowling (which actually turned into a night at a local arcade because we couldn't reserve any bowling lanes)
  • Game Night - We played Rock band with a  projector and more traditional games like blindfolded musical chairs
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mini-Golf

The day after Teen College ended I left for the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville.  The way I went was pretty stupid.  I flew to Nashville and borrowed a car in Hoptown.  then I stayed in Lexington for the convention in Louisville.  I'll not be doing such a ridiculous thing again.

The week after the SBC was a normal week for me.  Although it involved getting ready for camp.

The week of July 6-11 we went to youth camp.  We went to centrifuge/m-fuge at North Greenville University.  It was a great week. The students enjoyed it and at least some of them were revived.

Came back from Camp on Saturday and began VBS on Sunday.  It was a good week of VBS, attendance for the youth class was excellent, Lifeway did a particularly good job with this year's lessons and for the first time in a couple of years one of my students came to faith in Christ.  That's why I do ministry.  It is hard to describe the feeling that comes with that after such a long drought.  I actually felt somewhat vindicated since I feel that salvations are a sign that God has in some way endorsed my ministry.

Then, last week was my vacation and I had a great trip.  I went home to Kentucky where virtually my entire family lives.  And everyone's garden was coming in.

  • Fished 4 times (but only caught 10 bass)
  • Ate tomatoes every day
  • Went to Ferrell's
  • Stopped at the Bass Pro Shop
  • Saw my entire family.  My brother even came in from Indiana
  • Shot stuff
  • Went to Mexico KY to see friends
  • Worship at the church I grew up in

And that's how I spent my summer vacation

A typical meal of garden food.  Corn, Squash, Tomatoes.  So Good