What you people come here for (July Edition)

Each month I like to save up the more entertaining things that bring people to my blog.  I just copy and paste them here with no editing.  The stuff in parentheses is my commentary

  • facial palsy spicy
  • barack obama is heathcliff huxtable
  • southeastern baptist convention (This almost sounds like something)
  • southern eastern baptist conference
  • "jeremy mathis" +insurance (Should it creep me out that someone was searching for this?)
  • jar net tv
  • ryan vs sbc
  • van cliburn is homo
  • crawling ant that drink blood
  • what ifgraphic southern baptist conventi
  • drew farr mlb
  • how much does an sbc pastor with a phd e (I'd like to know the answer to this myself)
  • comic+disturbing
  • twitters on the bodysnake
  • "jeremy mathis" texas (I've never even been to Texas)
  • "log into or log in to?" (or login to? I'm glad I'm not the only one wanting to know the correct grammatical construction of this.)
  • peachtree boar