My Prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention

The generation that led us through the conservative resurgence is aging and their influence is fading.  My prayer is that we would not abandon their passion for the inerrancy of the Bible, and that we have learned the lessons they taught.  I pray that the SBC would stand on the shoulders of these men and reach to new heights to see the world changed for Christ.  My prayer is that the new leaders of these entities would be seekers of God’s will more than politicians. And my prayer for my own generation is that we don’t abandon inerrancy because we believe “the battle for the Bible is over” I also pray for my generation of Southern Baptists that we  make an impact on the world that the previous generation could not simply because they were fighting over inerrancy. That’s it, that is my prayer for the SBC

I probably could have included this in yesterday’s post but it was already very long.