What You People Come Here For (September Ed.)

Each month I collect the interesting searches that bring people to my blog and share them with you unedited.  They are simply cut-and-pasted exactly as they appeared.  Whatever you see in parenthesis is my commentary.  Enjoy

  • sick tattoo fingers
  • constitution tattoo
  • turtle foot tattoos (You think this means tattoos on a turtle's foot, or tattoos of turtles on feet, or a tattoo of a turtle foot somewhere else)
  • sick jesus tattoos (I know sick is a synonym for cool, but all I can envision is a tattoo of Jesus getting sick)
  • awesome video about everything (I would like to see this video because I doubt it could, indeed, be awesome)
  • trampoline funny
  • william shakespeare funny pics
  • bell's palsy teeth teeth
  • trampoline funny
  • d.o.pt. govt of india (I have no idea what this might refer to)
  • wood tattoos
  • cod funny (are cods funny?)