October is Pastor Appreciation Month

I appreciate my Pastor.

This post is nearly identical to last year, feel free to skip it.

I am a very critical person, and I find that I am very often critical of Pastor Weeks.  Much more than I should be.  I want to take this opportunity to say publicly that I appreciate him.  he is n excellent pastor and in the 5 years I've known him he has been nothing but good to me.

Even though he is nearly 60 he still is willing to  learn.

He loves our church.  If anyone needs him, they know they can call.  If you have a birthday or an anniversary, you can count on a phone call.

He loves his family and knows they are his legacy.

He loves the Bible, and has regular quiet time and does his best to communicate it to us each week.

He loves missions.  More than any pastor I've ever known, he emphasizes missions prayer, giving, and going.

Thanks for allowing me to ramp & rave :-)