Our Christmas Party Project

My Church had our youth Christmas party Saturday night.  I knew going in that I was going to have a pretty small group there so my regular Christmas-themed games wouldn't be successful. Then I saw this video on Richard Wiseman's blog last week


The post suggested these as party science stunts to try.  I decided that trying to recreate the video shot by shot would be a fun project.  So it took us about an hour and a half but it was a fun project for my small group of students.  I tried to edit our video to match the original.  I used music supplied by youtube because I was afraid the Christmas music I used originally was not legal.  Also our video doesn't have the narration because I don't have the cool accent.  So you'll need to watch the original to get what the experiments are.

Without further ado I present to you the video from the LPBC youth Christmas party:


Pretty good, huh?

I even had time left to tell Mitch's Christmas story like I have every Christmas since I've been in ministry.