Internet Thwarts My Plan

For today's blog post, I was going to write an open letter to NBC about their Olympic coverage.

I would have complained about how ludicrous it is that ESPN or even local NBC affiliates cannot show highlights, and the stupidity of suing everyone who refers to an olympian or who dares to promote the games in any way.  But Stephen Colbert already beat me to it here in this clip (Which I cannot embed because doesn't play nicely with Hulu)

I would have talked about how unspeakably angry I would be if I lived on the West coast and had to wait 3 hours to see an event that is happening in my timezone.  But that has been done already.

I would have asked NBC if they have actually seen their website for the olympics. Because surely if they had they would be too ashamed of it and just take it down.  I won't link to forums about that because of the trolls.  But let's just say the internet has already got that covered.  i think this Alyssa Milano twitter is about the website.  I would have wondered aloud if they think we live in an age without the internet.

I would have complained about all the figure skating coverage and the lack of Hockey.  But that is just preference and I can deal with that.

I cannot find an article about the volume of commercials so I'll just say this.  Any non-live event has a volume of commercials that makes it not worth watching.  I cannot tolerate 1 bobsled run, followed by 7 minutes of commercials followed by 1 bobsled run, followed by 6 minutes of commercials, followed by 1 interview, followed by 9 more minutes of commercials.  It's simply unacceptable.

Since the rest of the internet has already ranted on my topic for today, this is all you get