What You People Come Here For (September & October Edition)

This is a semi regular feature in which I post the most interesting searches that brought people to my blog in the previous month.  i haven't done this for a while so now I have a pretty long list.  This list is simply cut & pasted not edited in any way.  Whatever you see in parentheses is my commentary.

  • beaker tattoos
  • flee tattoo large
  • tattoos of slot machines (Seriously, one post about tattoos  out of nearly 500 and people come to my blog daily looking for info?)
  • ice age platypus
  • baby running with glue meme (I know nothing about this one)
  • this morning the labrador looked like it (I'd really like to see the rest of this search)

And now to my favorite spam comment of the month.  You really should see some of the bizarre tings that appear there, it is amazing that somebody crafts that stuff in hopes that it will make it to a blog.  Without any further the best of the last 2 months.

keep it real, iight