That's a lot of blogging

This is my 500th blogpost.  I'm not really sure that I ever expected to make it 500 posts when I began but here I am.  Here is a summary of what has gone down over the last 3 years. I began blogging on March 3, 2008 That is 150 weeks 3.3 posts per week 135 Best Web Junks

Over the course of my 500 posts there have been 731 comments.  Here are my top commenters.  They represent 54% of all comments to this blog and I am glad to have them as regular readers.  (I was only going to list my top 5 but 5-7 are very close in total comments)

  1. Ryan – 183
  2. Caroline – 66
  3. Webhick – 55
  4. Adam – 32
  5. Phil – 20
  6. Roland – 19
  7. Ashley – 18

My most popular day ever is still What’s the baby using from all the way back in August 20, 2008. It is the only time I ever had more than 150 views in one day

My top 10 posts ever are

  1. Bell's Palsy - 1 Year later
  2. What's the Baby Using?
  3. My Experience with the Miller's Analogies Test (This post will be #2 by the end of January)
  4. A Conversation I Keep Having
  5. Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  6. 100 Things to do Before I Die (okay...actually about 40)
  7. Using twitter for church
  8. What Should the Government Do
  9. Help me name my Fantasy Football team
  10. Dual Book Review: The God Question & The Reason For God

I don't know if there will be another 500 posts.  I certainly don't blog the way I used to but I have no plans to stop.  To all of you who have been regular commenters or readers who don't feel the need to comment, thank you.

Seriously, I would have stopped writing stuff a long time ago if not for the encouragement I get from my stats and my readers.