A Short Rant

Dear people of the world, When you are finished checking out at Wal-mart or at the grocery, I get it, you need to square away your money, ID, checkbook, whatever.  I also understand that it takes some of you a long time.  You were, after all, not prepared to have to put away your stuff. All I ask is that you move away from in front of the register to complete this process.  Just take 3 steps, then spend as long as you need to put up your whatever. You are slowing down the entire line.

Respectfully (sort of), Someone who is very annoyed by this


Last week I had so much fun writing my snarky book review that I decided to turn up the snark again this week.  I don't plan to make a regular habit out of this.  I think it reflects a bad attitude.  But ranting is fun occasionally.