It is the National Day of Prayer...

...and I'm feeling generous I spend a lot of time writing lessons and preparing to teach my youth group.  I rarely use a lesson that anyone else has written.  However, it is not unheard of.  So today I am sharing something with you.

Our association had a NDOP youth service last night.  It was a good service, although very simple.  we sang worship songs, and then divided into groups for prayer.  We had 20 prayer stations and the students divided into groups of 5 or less and moved through the stations.  Some had simple exercises for illustration purposes.

Click here to download the prayer prompts.  Obviously if you use them yourself they will require customizing. They include prompts for all of our local middle & high schools as well as local officials.

I spent quite a while making these all the same format and wrote many of them, however I cannot take all the credit.  Chuck, Joey, and David are responsible as well.

I hope you find these useful.