Reading List 2011

Each year I post a list of the books I have read.  This year I decided to take a sabbatical from reading anything serious.  So, with only a few exceptions, I read only the Wheel of Time series.  Wheel of Time is without question my favorite fantasy series ever, even the slow books (7-10) are good.

  1. Love Wins - Rob Bell: I wrote two reviews of this book.  A snarky one and a serious one.
  2. Rescuing Ambition - Dave Harvey: This was a wonderful book, The thesis is that God has placed a desire for greatness into our hearts.  Ambition comes from God and should not lead us away from God or from church.  It deals with failure and success and I highly recommend it.
  3. The Pursuit of Holiness - Jerry Bridges: Simply one of the best books I have ever read
  4. Don't Waste Your Life - John Piper: This book is very John Piper-y. If you like his writing, you will like this.
  5. The Weight of Glory - C.S. Lewis: A collection of essays, some are quite good, but overall I'd give this book a hearty meh.
  6. Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches - Russell Moore:  I loved this book and reviewed it here
  7. The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, Book 2) - Robert Jordan
  8. The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time Book 3) - Robert Jordan
  9. The Shadow Rising (The Wheel of Time, Book 4) - Robert Jordan
  10. The Fires of Heaven (The Wheel of Time, Book 5) - Robert Jordan
  11. Lord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time, Book 6) - Robert Jordan
  12. A Crown of Swords (The Wheel of Time, Book 7) - Robert Jordan
  13. The Path of Daggers (The Wheel of Time, Book 8 ) - Robert Jordan
  14. Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time, Book 9) - Robert Jordan
  15. Crossroads of Twilight (Wheel of Time, Book 10) - Robert Jordan
  16. Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, Book 11) - Robert Jordan
  17. The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time Book 12) - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
  18. Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, Book 13) - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson