My experience with Avastin shots pt. 1: Intro

The most popular blog posts I write are the ones about my experiences. I don’t mean posts about my life, but rather posts about what I experienced when I went through certain events.   For example, by far the most popular post in the history of this blog is my experience with the Miller’s Analogies Test.  Second would be the series on Bells palsy.  The point of these kinds of entries is to help others out who are going through the same thing. Recently I went through a series of Avastin injections for a problem with my retina.  I wish that I had something like this to read before my first shot. That is my goal - to help others know what to expect if diagnosed with something requiring Avastin injections.

I will divide this into 3 posts.  This intro is the first.  The second will be my problem, my diagnosis, and what led me to the point of needing injections.  The third, and most helpful, will be about what I actually experienced with the shots.  How they felt, the side effects, and my results.