My Triumphant? Return to Blogging

I used to write a lot.
Like, a whole lot.

I have a seminary degree. That alone required writing around 100 papers and book reviews. After seminary I spent hundreds of hours writing blog posts that only about 100 people would read. (Most of those can be found in the archives here.) Once upon a time I wrote a weekly column for my fantasy football league - maximum audience... 9. I have even written most of a rough draft of a book.

I believe that all the hours I spent writing made me quite good at it. I developed a style that people seem to enjoy, and I certainly enjoy doing it.

Tell me your favorites in the comments

Tell me your favorites in the comments

Then my life changed. and I had substantially less time for writing, so I didn't write. Eventually I adjusted to my new schedule, but by then the energy I formerly spent on writing went towards other things. For a while, I had a bi-weekly podcast (It may possibly be resurrected one day, maybe, possibly.) Then recently I began preaching on a weekly basis.  This required a lot of the same creative energy I once used for writing, and I began to enjoy it very much.  Currently I am not preaching, teaching, or podcasting regularly, so I feel the need to begin writing again.

I have a plan to begin writing again and a goal. In order to get back into the practice of writing again I going to answer most of the questions in this infographic from Mental Floss. They are offbeat college entrance exam essay questions. My plan is to answer 2 per week until I finish, lose interest, or find something better to write about. Maybe I'll actually finish that book.

You, dear reader, play a part in this. You get to vote for which questions you would most like to read my answer to.  And if you happen to work in the admissions office of any of these colleges, I would love your thoughts on my answer. Specifically I want to know if I would get in. Your other role is to generally be an encouragement to me. How? By commenting.  Comments let me know that someone is actually reading.