College Admission Essay #2

So Where is Waldo Really?

It is common knowledge, and has been since the 1980s, that Waldo is a master of blending into crowds. In fact he is unrivaled in this ability. 

Because of these skills Waldo now works for the CIA in a position deep underground developing next generation camouflage and camouflage detection. 

Currently the greatest threat to the world's safety is from terrorism, the ability to blend into a crowd and to find others who are attempting to blend into a crowd makes Waldo the perfect expert for these troubled times.
If someone is attempting to sneak a dirty bomb into a crowded city, a major component of that plan would be to remain undetected.  To "hide in plain sight" so to speak. Waldo's years, potentially millennia (since he has been spotted as far back as ancient Egypt,) give him the experience necessary to both hide our own operatives and spot the operatives of other organizations. I for one am proud of his willing service in this arena of public service. 

Maybe you are wondering why I'm answering a question like this on my blog. Click here for the reason why. It is from the University of Chicago application for admission, somebody from the admissions office tell me how I did please. I chose this one because it seemed fun and I wanted to answer it.  Also the University of Chicago has most of these and I thought I'd complete them all.