Is Something Going on Tomorrow?

You may or may not have noticed, but the USA has a presidential election tomorrow. I figure that the one thing the internet needs is more Christians telling other Christians how they should vote in order to please God. 
Actually, I promise not to do that in this post. In fact I’m not sure that can even be done in this election. I will however tell you what God’s will is in light of the election. 
This election is unique in that I personally only know about 3 people who like either candidate. Typically, about half of people are unhappy with the outcome of any presidential election, this time most people will be unhappy. In this case, there is really only one thing for a Christian to do. Remind us that God is ultimately in control. 
For the first time in my voting life I am actually deeply concerned for our country based on the people that are likely to be elected. I’m not concerned that the next president will ruin our country, I’m concerned because the next president actually received enough votes to become the nominee of a major party, then got enough votes to win the general election. 
I believe that in the US we get what we deserve. We the people are in charge. We nominated these two, and we will reap the results of the election. Because of this, I need reminding that God is in control. 
For the first time in my memory I have heard many people say they are worried about the America their children and grandchildren will grow up in. I’m actually quite confident that my daughter will grow up in a nation that is mostly hostile to Christian beliefs, but I'm not worried. That describes almost all Christians throughout all of time. The scriptures almost seem like God meant for it to be that way. It will force Christians to be firm in their beliefs. One more reason to be reminded that God is in control.
I have never placed much hope for our country in politics. I think it matters deeply who we vote for, but mostly I believe we get what we deserve. What I believe most deeply is that if we, as Christians, want to change the direction of our country then who we vote for will not fix it. It is not a top-down problem. Remember, we elected these people.
To change the direction of our country we need to begin telling our friends and coworkers about the hope we have in Christ. We need to tell them about the way he has changed our lives. The way that having Christ gives us joy in hard times, gives us hope for the future, gives a purpose for living and makes life make sense. We need to live like we believe all that. We must be different from the rest of our culture. If God changes their lives the way that he has changed ours, then it will eventually change our nation. Believe it or not, that has happened before.
The election tomorrow is a big deal, but whatever happens, let it spur us toward living in a way that brings glory to God and to sharing our faith. 
Remember, whatever happens, God is ultimately in control He sets up our rulers and kings.