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My First Post

Recently I decided to launch a regular blog. This post is the first fruit of that decision. I realize that there is a certain amount of arrogance in putting out a blog. To quote Scott Adams, “the decision to write a regular blog is tantamount to saying What the world needs is more of me and my opinion.” Having said that, I hope to not seem too arrogant or boring as I do this. The students in my youth group were complaining about having a state writing exam today. They didn’t want to do it. Most people don’t want to write. But I told them that it would be good for them to learn, because pretty much every essay test they take in college will be the same thing as this exam.

“But Jeremy,” you ask, “You’ve already graduated college, and seminary, why would you want to keep writing?” Because it is good practice for people, including myself, to learn to write. Writing teaches us to organize our thoughts and makes us better communicators. Also, hopefully I have something useful to say about the world. I hope I will be interesting to read as well as organized and well though out.

Another reason that I chose to begin a blog is that I am horrible at keeping my daily journal. For years, (actually since I was 15) I have kept a daily journal that is really just a rundown of how I spent my days. But in the last 5 years I’ve missed more days than I’ve kept, including a gap of over a year. This blog is a way of replacing that journal. Hopefully the accountability of knowing others are reading will keep me doing it. And I’m sure that literally a quarter of a dozen people will read this blog regularly, including such luminaries as my mother and some guy who just randomly stumbled here because I tagged a post with NFL.

Also I decided to begin a blog rather than just go back to my journal because I would feel silly journaling about how much I hate the in-car view of racing in NASCAR coverage, and I want to be able to occasionally write about something that won’t matter in my journal after I’m dead.

I have two friends who keep a regular blog that also inspired me to do this. One is Adam Reed, a youth minister in South Carolina. The other is John McLamb, a missionary to Bolivia who is currently in language school in Costa Rica. (Go leave him an encouraging comment in Spanish)

My plan is to post three times a week, with something silly like a comic or video on Fridays. (Another idea I stole from Adam) I may post on any of the following topics:

· My life (This will be most posts)

· Church

· Sports (I particularly follow NFL, NCAA basketball and football, NASCAR, and BASS & FLW fishing)

· Theology

· Book reviews

· Witnessing

· Whatever strikes me as interesting

Please feel free to comment at any time, that helps me know that somebody is reading and that I’m not only doing this for my own practice.

Thanks for reading this first one