Recapping the SBC 2010

I was not able to attend the SBC in Orlando this year.  But I was off from work on Tuesday and Wednesday so I was able to watch the vast majority of the proceedings.  Watching it streaming is not at all like being there and having conversations.  But a combination of watching the live stream, twitterfall, and being on the phone with people who were there or who were also watching the stream made for a fulfilling experience. Here are my thoughts

This convention was as close to a single issue convention as I have seen.  Nothing seemed to pop up and get people’s attention.  Everything revolved around the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report, and for good reason.  It represents some restructuring and hopefully streamlining that should be the proper first step towards a convention that puts more emphasis towards the great commission.

It also seems obvious from the floor debate that the convention was predominantly concerned about recommendation #3 from the committee.  This was the recommendation that I was most concerned about. I am glad the president and parliamentarian took the time to clear everything up.  The lady at the mic was right when she said it felt like we were railroaded.  I appreciate her stepping up and I appreciate the leadership for clearing things up.  There was genuine confusion and I was sitting at my house thinking that it did not seem proper.

The final language that, “designated giving to special causes is to be given as a supplement to the Cooperative Program and not as a substitute for Cooperative Program giving,” is definitely suitable to me.

One thing I know for certain is that the Great commission will have to be emphasized in our churches if we are to slow the decline of our convention.  But I believe the GCR recommendations are a step in the right direction for the convention as a whole.

There was another debate about closing the recordings from the task force for 15 years.  I would have voted with the majority, to close them.

Also, although I missed it, some guy rapped his motion

In other commentary, there was a run-off for president.  I knew I was not attending, so I didn’t study up beforehand on the nominees.  So I can’t make any judgment whatsoever about the new president, Bryant Wright.  I will simply say that I agreed with him mostly in his first press conference.

Finally I will say that Johnny Hunt was a great president, and I believe that he was uniquely qualified to do what was done with the passage of the GCR.  Because of Southern Baptists’ love and respect for Johnny, we trusted him and believed his motivations were pure as he brought together the task force.

I hope to be there in Phoenix next year.