Speech to schoolchildren

This Blog's Presidential Address: This One's For the Children

I was originally planning to post about how we seem to want to fight over everything in this country.  The President* wants to make a speech to schoolchildren and 2 weeks before anyone knows what He is going to say, there is national uproar. Well, I've seen the speech now.  Here's what it says, "Work hard, life is not fair and can be hard, don't drop out."  That's pretty controversial stuff, and how dare our president (a known politician) try to indoctrinate our children in such a way.

In light of this stupid controversy, here is my very tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to President Obama's speech:

Kids, school is boring.  You should never be expected to do anything you don't want to do.  How dare your teachers expect you do do things like reports, math, grammar and spelling.  And your parents, they are just trying to keep you from having fun.

U no, u can rlly just talk how you want to.

Chances are, you won't have to pay any bills when you grow up.  And if you do, you probably won't need math.  Checkbooks practically balance themselves these days.  And learning whether to use their, there, or they're only matters in writing.  Nobody can tell you are illiterate in a text message or on the phone.

One day you'll finish school, or just quit if you want to.  Then you'll probably get married and have children.  You still shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to do.  I mean your kids will probably want to eat, but your parents took care of you, they can take care of your kids too.

And your boss, all he will want is to keep you from having fun.  If your job involves doing stuff you don't want to do, just quit.  There's more jobs.

The important thing to understand is that life is totally fair.  When things seem unfair, you should complain.  Quit whenever things get difficult.  There will always be somebody to take care of you.  (Unless that seems unfair to them :-)

In all seriousness, I would be happy for my hypothetical children to hear this speech.  Will it make any difference to a kid about to drop out of school?  Probably not, but it definitely cannot hurt.

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