Stephen Rummage

Blogging about Johnny Hunt

Today was the beginning of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. This morning and aftenoon, was the pastor's convention and I heard some wonderful preaching.  I was a bit late so I only heard part of the lineup.  I was there for Stephen Rummage, Bob Pitman, Danny Akin, and Johnny Hunt.

All of them were wonderful and I enjoyed the preaching immensely.  Especially, Bob Pitman's story of his GPS and Dr Akin's  political rant. 

But I'm addressing the rest of this post to The president of the SBC, Johnny Hunt.  He said that many Southern Baptist have a great intellectual curiosity.  That "they want to learn so that they can blog"  but that "we should want to learn so that we can do."  Let me take this opportunity to say, I love Johnny Hunt, and I think he is right.  Blogging about evangelism is not evangelism.  Forgive me if I use my blog as a forum to attack, malign or otherwise do harm to the kingdom of God.  

I write this blog as an exercise in how to organize my thoughts, hopefully it will make me a better communicator.  I also write it as part of my daily quiet time ritual.   And I genuinely appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it.  (Fortunately that is a small enough group to keep me humble)

I will post later this week about the IMB commissioning service and how wonderful it was.  That's all for now