Tom Elliff

SBC Pastor's Conference day 2

Tonight another brief report from the SBC Pastor’s Conference because it’s late again and I’m tired.  The convention starts tomorrow so the only news of the day was in this article on Baptist Press.  Though I learned about it from Al Mohler. Also we learned that Mike Huckabee has changed parties.  He recently switched from PC to Mac.

I was at the conference for 5 preachers.  Here are the day’s best quotes.

Tom Elliff “If you cannot forgive, you cannot claim to be a man or woman of faith”

Michael Catt “Our preferences have overridden our principles”

“Carnal people will never care about lost people” –in reference to our need to be spirit-filled

Fred Luter Seriously, who in their right mind would try to quote Fred Luter properly?  I just felt bad for whoever was doing the captioning.

Mike Huckabee “It’s not that the job is too big but that it is too small.  They thought they would be leading a battleship but it turned out to be the love boat and making sure everyone is happy” –in reference to why so many leave the ministry

Alvin Reid “100 years from now nobody will remember Oprah”

IMB Commissioning Service

Missionaries with flags Monday night at the 2008 BSCNC featured a commissioning service for 31 IMB missionaries.  It began with march in the flags of many countries lined the aisle ways as the missionaries worked their way on stage.  Then it concluded with a message from Dr. Tom Elliff.

By far, the best part of the commissioning service was the the time of testimony from the missionaries themselves.  There were 31 appointees.  They ranged in age from their 20s to their 60s and they all had different stories.  They were literally headed to every part of the globe.  Some were called as children in GA meetings, some in college, and some as they were retiring.  Single, newlyweds, widows and grandparents.  It was very inspiring.

My prayer every day is that I will go wherever God wants me to go, Alaska to Africa, as long as I know it is god who has called.  I have a very clear sense of calling, but that commissioning service allowed me to see something I already knew, there is nothing super-Christian about missionaries.  they have simply been called, and said yes.  I have a couple of friends that are missionaries and I admire them for their willingness.

This video of missionaries from West Africa demonstrates this point very well.  Enjoy it, and be willing to be God's vessel wherever he calls you.  He may want to send you to Indonesia, but he also may want to send you to the choir, the nursery, or the nursing home.